Friday, August 26, 2005

friends of cindy...

this gift just keeps giving and giving.. the people at code pink have joined cindy in crawford.. they're taking their entertainment (see picture) to texas to say that bush stinks.. that's ironic. and it gets better - white supremacists have joined her cause. the nazi's of have joined cindy's cause because they want to "let the world know that white patriots were first and loudest to protest this war for israel." this just gets better and better... they want to make sure that everyone knows this war is about israel and it has been bought and paid for by "the senate, house, white house and media by the jewish neocon political machine." these quotes are from james kelso, assistant to david duke. cindy has alienated her family, been divorced by her husband, stroked out her mom and now has the klan for her buddies.. i can't wait to see the interaction between al sharpton and the hooded klan members in camp casey when they all circle up and sing kumbaya..

changing channels..

this lady get more and more kooked out every day.. cindy is now apparently 'channeling' her dead son's spirit from heaven... i didn't realize there were 'vortex' spots out there in the fields of central texas, but apparently there are.. not only has she channeled her son, but he has a message from beyond.. 'george bush is an idiot.' casey is in 'heaven' according to mom.. and the thing that he has to pass on now that he's in heaven ? g-dub is an idiot. cindy sheehan is a certified nut job. let's recap. she's already met with the president once, offering praise to him. she's called for the total withdrawal from the war on terror. she's called for israel to leave palestine. she's said she's not going to pay taxes. she said she was 'chosen by the universe..' has now taken over her media campaign.. she is no longer 'accessible' to all of the media - all of her appearances are carefully orchestrated.. this is probably a good idea.. because in addition to the bombshell that she's channeling her son in the fields of central texas.. she dropped the bomb that osama bin laden is 'allegedly' behind the attacks of 9/11.. since this war on terror is being done for israel, i'm sure it was the jews that blew up the twin towers too.. cindy sheehan is becoming a parody of the anti-war effort of the 60's.. the far left whack job organizations who have attached to her cause further display the true goal behind this.. ben cohen of ben and jerry's ice cream is funding cindy's protest. apparently the far left non-profit organization he set up is funding other protesters as well.. This week, Simi Valley, California Gold Star wife Melanie House flew to Idaho for a protest and then flew to Crawford for another.
Reporter: "Can you tell us if you're getting help in airfare to come down here?"
Melanie House: "What difference does that make?"

Melanie, it makes a big difference.. when you're being funded for your message by these cash rich self interest groups, your message gets muffled by the payoffs.. media whore never sounded so appropriate.

we now have joan baez as well as al sharpton coming to texas to provide their support to our non-tax paying, universe chosen, spirit channelling, country hating media whore.. as a resident of texas, let me assure you that the last thing this state needs are 2 more nuts invading the state to press forward their own self image..

Thursday, August 25, 2005

white picket fences..

and body bags.. please put the body in the trunk and step away from the car, sir.. so this is what dallas has come to ? this is being sold at should you want your very own.. they say these are their best sellers..

"My first reaction is, it's true," Oak Cliff resident Esteban Canales said. "And I didn't think they would really make a shirt about it because I didn't think people would really try to advertise what really goes down around here."

it's a beautiful vacation spot, really..

the fat farmer..

according to, michael moore has gorged himself so on publicity that he is now obese.. (is that the correct term?) mikey is fat. mikey likes all the food you put in front of him.. not just life cereal..

upon closer review, on the agenda at the fat farm is 'learning to cook healthy meals' and 'life re-education.'

i think we can all agree mikey needs to focus on the 'life re-education'

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

the truth hurts..

an obese new hampshire woman has filed a complaint with the new hampshire board of medicine against her doctor, dr. terry bennett. the source of the complaint ?? the doctor told the large lady that she was obese.

"I told a fat woman she was obese," Bennett says. "I tried to get her attention. I told her, 'You need to get on a program, join a group of like-minded people and peel off the weight that is going to kill you.'

she was highly offended and filed a complaint. dr. bennett even went so far as writing a letter of apology to the woman when he heard she was offended..

"Physicians have to be professional with patients and remember everyone is an individual. You should not be inflammatory or degrading to anyone," said physician board member Kevin Costin.

so, this is what we've come to in this country.. we're in a spot where your doctor can't tell you you're fat when you're fat. what's next, filing lawsuits or complaints against doctors when they diagnose you with cancer ? just one more place where the truth is under persecution in america.. if you're fat, you know it, i know it, we all know it.. does it hurt to hear it ? maybe, but it doesn't change the fact you're fat. fat fat fat. file a complaint.

you've got gas..

all of my toilet humor friends will probably expect more, but i think that the $67/barrel oil prices need to be flushed.. i think this weekend you will see me trade in the trusty SUV on a toyota prius.. i've had it with $450/month gas bills.. opec is really harshing my mellow. i get to go from driving over things, carrying lots of people and stuff to getting 60 miles to the gallon.. i think i'll plant another tree in my yard so i can huggle it each morning..

grape news !!

the latest in wine preservation.. the preservo wine preservation steward - a very long name for a device that pumps air back in the bottle of wine to keep it from turning to vinegar as quickly as it normally does. why is this better than your typical 'pump preserver' you may ask ?? it's because it uses an argon cartridge to fill the bottle with inert gas so that oxidation won't occur.. you can get your very own for $99.99.. or just finish the bottle of wine the same day you open it.


cancun is ok by me..

slackers beware..

slackers beware - sprint is coming out with new technology that will be able to track your every movement, in real time !! i know you're excited.. from GeekZone:

Sprint is launching the Sprint Precision Locator to help small and large businesses track fleets and mobile workers. The service provides a tool for dispatchers or supervisors who are monitoring a mobile workforce of a small or large company by allowing them to access interactive maps with full panning and zooming capabilities to locate a worker or group of workers without interrupting field productivity.By using the service these dispatchers can set schedules and have the application identify the location of a mobile device or group of mobile devices to ensure specific tasks are performed at designated times, create landmarks on maps that are important to the business, such as offices and warehouses, and track if an employee leaves or enters established landmarks and use text messaging (SMS) to reach a mobile worker or group of workers.Companies have access to the new service through a password-protected Web-based application. Included in the monthly fee (per user), it is possible to locate each mobile device up to 1,000 times per month, determine if a device is on or off up to 100 times per month and send up to 50 SMS messages from the application to a mobile worker per month.This location tool combines Sprint Business Mobility Framework capabilities with the application development from WaveMarket and Microsoft MapPoint Web Service, an open-standards-based development platform for creating mapping and location-aware applications and services.

your boss is watching !

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

russia's population crisis..

apparently our friends in russia are dying young and are having more abortions than children, according to the numbers are staggering - reportedly 1.6 million women had an abortion last year.. 1/5 of which were under the age of 18. only 1.5 million gave birth. this presents a interesting statitic.. russian population is actually shrinking..

"For every 1,000 Russians there are 16 deaths and just 10.6 births, a
gap that isn't being filled by immigrants, leading to a population decline of
about 750,000 to 800,000 a year. "

these numbers are remarkable.. shocking, really..

welcome to texas..

too stinkin' hot

pat.. pat.. pat.. pat..

well, shucks.. pat, you just can't go around calling for the assassination of world leaders.. i think we can all agree that mr. chavez is not someone who is looking to assist the united states in the war on terror, free trade or the progression of democracy.. HOWEVER, we're not here to say kill him or kill her -- especially from the pulpit. this is a mistake and hopefully the statement will be retracted. that being said, it's too late to repair the reputational damage. as a Christian leader, the world looks to you to light the path.. this time around, you've stepped off the trail.


in my evening check on the message boards of my jamband bretheren, i became engaged with a group of folks talking about what a great man george soros is and what a worthless person g-dub is.. so i pulled up some quotes from george that i remembered running across a while back.. enjoy these snippets from this man of the people.. (from the la times - october 4, 2004)

It seems that Soros believes he was anointed by God. "I fancied myself as some kind of god ..." he once wrote. "If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble." When asked by Britain's Independent newspaper to elaborate on that passage, Soros said, "It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out."

His work as a self-professed "amoral" financial speculator has left millions in poverty when their national currencies were devaluated, and he pumped so much cash into shaping former Soviet republics to his liking that he has bragged that the former Soviet empire is now the "Soros Empire."

Despite his reputation as an international philanthropist, Soros remains candid about his true charitable tendencies. "I am sort of a deus ex machina," Soros told the New York Times in 1994. "I am something unnatural. I'm very comfortable with my public persona because it is one I have created for myself. It represents what I like to be as distinct from what I really am. You know, in my personal capacity I'm not actually a selfless philanthropic person. I've very much self-centered."

Soros was more succinct when he explained his life philosophy to biographer Michael Kaufman. "I am kind of a nut who wants to have an impact," he said. But the speculator's visions don't end there. "Next to my fantasies about being God, I also have very strong fantasies of being mad," Soros once confided on British television. "In fact, my grandfather was actually paranoid. I have a lot of madness in my family. So far I have escaped it."

In his book, "Soros on Soros," he says: "I do not accept the rules imposed by others ... And in periods of regime change, the normal rules don't apply." Clearly, Soros considers himself to be someone who is able to determine when the "normal rules" should and shouldn't apply.

just for the record, soros funds our friends at and is a large contributor to the democratic party.. ($18 million to john kerry's campaign)

soros also has designs on manipulating the dollar in such a way to create an economic crisis in the united states resulting in 'regime change' we will see how that unfolds...

overwhelming insignificance..

*vomit* vomit vomit vomit vomit vomit. ok, i had to listen to the rat faced tones of barbara as a child, locked in the car on long road trips.. 'you don't send me flowers..' *vomit* aaaarrrggghhh.. but the only thing worse than barb's singing is her political drivel.. and to have her now singing her political drivel, well.. you get the point. and isn't it time for barry gibb to give up the cheesy fu-man-chu and lion mane ?? the last thing any of us need are anti-war songs from these two..

From the sun sentinal:
Streisand's Stranger in a Strange Land debuted Tuesday on a notable parcel of Internet real estate -- it's spending one week as an exclusive (and free) streaming video on the home page of It is culled from Guilty Pleasures, the singer's upcoming collaboration album with Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb, who wrote and produced all the songs for the project, slated for a Sept. 30 release.The video shows Streisand, wearing an evening gown and an intense expression, singing lyrics that include "You may be someone else's sweetheart/Fighting someone else's war,/And if you suffer for the millions/Then it's what you're fighting for." The video intercuts her studio performance with footage of American troops shipping off to theaters of war past and present..


Monday, August 22, 2005


according to multiple news outlets, a border area ranch has been given to two people who were trying to enter the united states illegally. the associated press is stating that 2 border watch members (a group looking to protect private property from illegals) pistol whipped an illegal immigrant as he and others from the patrol were monitoring a private ranch in hebbronville, texas. the lawyer, morris dees of the poverty law center, hoped this would send a message to LAWFUL LANDOWNERS not to take HOSTILE MEASURES to LAW BREAKING ILLEGAL ALIENS. good morris has decided to take the supreme court's decision that your land really isn't your land and prosecute people with legal land keeping illegal trespassers off of it.. making this more egregious was the court rulings that resulted in the forfeiture of the douglas, arizona ranch to pay for the civil settlements.

now, there once was a time in this land you'd expect something bad to happen to you if you illegally trespassed on to another man's property.. and that would be if you were a citizen of the country. now, the rights of the citizens are slowly eroding to those of non citizens. citizens are paying tax money to fund curriculum in spanish for illegals. citizens are paying tax money to fund health care for illegals. citizens are paying tax money to support the entire illegal immigration enterprise.. yet, these tax paying citizens seem to have no right to defend their property against the trespassers of non-citizens..

"If the federal government was doing its job, ranchers would not be living in fear," said Chris Simcox, president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp., which watches for illegal immigrant crossings and reports them to the U.S. Border Patrol.

i could not agree more with this.. we're being invaded and we're almost powerless to do anything about it. LEGAL immigration is fine, but this flood of non-skilled, non-english speaking poor people is going to continue to drain the resources of legal residents who hold jobs, pay taxes and obey the law..

staggering, unreported support for cindy sheehan..

the support for cindy sheehan has reached new heights. cindy, in an interview with amy goodman from democracy today, answered the question we've all been wanting to know.. just how many other military mom's are out here supporting your point of view ??

AMY GOODMAN: How many other moms are there there of
people who are in Iraq or
who have died in Iraq?
We have about six moms there. They're
Gold Star moms.
And there's probably -- I don't -- of women who have -- who have
over there right now, it's hard to tell. Maybe about the same or a
bit more.

well there you have it - this swarm of media attention to this woman and her cause and she has 6 moms support.. 6 moms. and if that isn't enough, in the interview she has the beautiful line stating "i'm so glad that the universe chose me to be the spark.." the universe chose her.. that's so sweet.. she may need to check in with tom cruise about that alien deprogramming.. speaking of sweet, isn't it interesting what the kharma police have done to cindy since she's chosen to drag her son's good name through the mud.. so far, just this month, her husband has filed for divorce and now her mother has had a stroke.. the universe must have not had such mighty things in store for those two..

anyway, cindy is going to continue her tour of media whores without jobs to washington DC.. she's going to join the many homeless folks there in protest of life not being fair..

if it isn't obvious by now, how this woman is using the media and being used by the media to attempt to undermine the country's will to fight this war, a war that was brought to our shores back in 1993 with the first WTC bombing.. then there is no hope. the good news is that there is hope. is sponsoring a caravan in support of the troops - leaving from california - heading through arizona, new mexico and in to texas. would anyone like to place any wagers on whether they will receive any mainstream media coverage ?? will abc,cbs,cnn,msnbc,nbc have their dedicated teams to show this ???? anyone wanna make that bet ?? and do you want to bet that this movement will have more than SIX mom's or dad's who have children involved in iraq?? if we need any further evidence of media bias and the sickening basis for this bias, we're sticking our heads in the sand. it says something about the left that when something bad happens to AMERICA in iraq, it's good for them. it's good for them and their points of view if we suffer more.. if we have more attacks, more dead.. that's why there is no coverage of all of the schools open for business in the mainstream media.. no coverage of the international monitary fund's status on the iraq economy - calling the outlook for the medium term 'optimistic.' there is no positive coverage at all.. as a matter of fact, cnn has decided to run a special on the intelligence failures that led up to the war in iraq.. but oddly enough, nothing on the intelligence failures in the mid 90's that led to the rise of al-qaeda and the attacks of 9/11. so, boys and girls, understand the times we're living in-- mainstream news is unabashedly biased.. and they're paying the price for it. the lib-brah's are the elites running these outlets.. their ad revenue is down, their viewership and circulation numbers are down and the talk radio and blogosphere are reaching record numbers of people.. it's because we in the usa are sick of the blame america first crowd.. we're sick of hearing that america is all that is wrong with the world.. we're tired of having God taken from us.. hopefully we're also motivated to vote appropriately-- some of the gop lawmakers have lost their way.. they may need to be reminded of the values that brought them in to office this next time around.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

bin laden to iraq for a player to be named later ??

DEBKAfile is indicating that the biggest prize in the terror free-agent market has been aquired by iraq for a player to be named later.. rumor has it that osama bin-laden will be headed to iraq in the second half of september (maybe just in time for my birthday?!?) the current general manager of iraq the iraqi terror team, abu musab al-zarqawi, said in a press release that the addition of osama to the iraqi team will assist them in a planned ramadan offensive and also consolidate the dynamic duo of terror in iraq. additionally, it would change the complexion of the conflic in iraq.. so, in essence, this would abandon any resistance in afghanistan for a larger, more direct conflict in iraq.. so, does this mean that zarqawi NEEDS bin-laden in iraq to be successful in iraq? if there were questions about iraq being the front lines of the war on terror - there is no greater example than this possibility.

scientology + oprah = love ?

wouldn't you know it.. i go to cancun for a long weekend and tom cruise and john travolta have moved in on my girl oprah.. in my attempt to wash the beach and sunshine from my brain, i looked around the news and found this. looks like cruise and travola are putting on a full court press to get oprah to cult up and go scientologist.. now what would the most powerful woman in media (or the world for that matter) need from that pack of nut jobs.. ? maybe she believes the scientologist 'detox' program will solve that little weight issue she keeps fighting.. ? i'm not sure.. but the more i hear about cruise and his merry band of misfits and their multiple levels of mojo, the more convinced i am of it's lunatic foundations.. i mean, who would ever want to deprogram all of those alien teachings that we had burned in our minds centuries ago.. ?