Thursday, October 20, 2005

a sick sign of the times..

just when you thought your kids couldn't get involved in anything worse, we have this from the Jerusalem Post.. the actions themselves are sickening - the ages of the children involved is nothing short of unfathomable.. so this is what 12 year olds are doing these days..

6 minors charged with sodomy, abuse

The Central District Attorney's Office on Wednesday filed an indictment against six teenagers ranging in age from 12 to 15 for committing sodomy and abusing a boy, now 11 years old, over a period of more than two years.
"The actions of the accused arouse a sense of revulsion," said Tel Aviv District Court Judge Chaled Kabub during the hearing in which he was asked to remand the suspects in custody until the end of the proceedings. "They knew the victim very well but did not spare his body or soul as they perpetrated extremely severe sexual offenses while resorting to extreme violence and humiliating him... Even the wildest and sickest imagination cannot come up with the despicable acts that these youths perpetrated."
According to the indictment, one of the accused is 12 years old, four are 13 years old and the alleged ringleader was 15. The 15-year-old is being detained separately from the other suspects. A court ordered his mother placed under house arrest on suspicion that she sent people to threaten a 15-year-old girl, the victim's neighbor, who persuaded the victim to complain to the police.
The indictment includes 11 separate charges involving incidents in which various suspects used violence in order to force the young boy to have oral sex with them. Two other charges against the 15-year-old included attempts to tamper with the police investigation and threatening a policeman.
According to the first charge, two of the suspects were at the home of one of them together with the victim some time in July 2005.
One of the suspects ordered the boy to suck the penis of his friend. The boy refused and started to cry, so they beat him with their hands and a skipping rope. They also stole his shoes and locked the door of the apartment. One of the suspects grabbed the victim's head and one hand and hit him on his back. Meanwhile, the other grabbed the victim's other hand, placed it on his penis and peed on it. They then tied the boy up with the skipping rope and continued to beat him.
Afterwards, they kicked him towards the bathroom with such force that the boy struck his head on the bottom of the toilet bowl. The abuse continued until the boy was forced to commit oral sex with one of the suspects.
Many of the other charges in the indictment are similar in their violence and cruelty.
In one of the charges directed solely at the 15-year-old, the youth allegedly told the policeman who was questioning him that, "in Russia, we take down people like you and if I can, I will do the same." He also threatened the investigator that "you won't last long," and "if I want to, I'll get to you and I'll know everything about you." He also told the policeman, "You'll pay for this."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


finally !! someone in a position of authority has stepped up and thrown down the gauntlet. michael chertoff came out and has said that the goal of dhs is to find and send home EVERY SINGLE ILLEGAL ALIEN IN THE UNITED STATES. now, we all know that finding and returning 20 million people is a task which is nothing short of impossible,.. but the words themselves may do more good than anything else that has occured in this immigration 'battle'. with just the prospect of return, illegal immigrants may think twice before heading this way.

this about face by the administration is due to the people of this country. never have i seen a topic go from zero traction to a department head championing it in such a short time. i really believe the press given to the minutemen spurred the debate and it has spread like wildfire across the country. it has burned so brightly that cabinet level officials can no longer avoid it. state governors can no longer avoid it. this problem is pandemic and it threatens the very foundation of our nation.

pakistan quake kills thousands of terrorists..

it's interesting to see what countries do when tragedy pulls their terrorist pants down..

'Quake killed over 3000 militants'
Onkar Singh in New Delhi October 17, 2005 17:57 IST

Intelligence sources have confirmed that over 3000 terrorists who were waiting for an opportunity to cross into India from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir were killed in the October 8 earthquake.
A top intelligence officer told that while hundreds of terrorists were killed because of the huge buildings crumbling, most others were killed due to massive explosions that took place because of fire breaking out in their ammunition dumps.

"This was nature's way of closing down terrorist camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir," the officer said.
According to him, the figure of 3000 was tentative and the number of militants killed could be much more.
"Several former and present minister of the PoK government were also killed due to quake," he said.
Though India offered to fly helicopters and rescue the injured from Muzaffarabad in particular, Pakistan government refused permission as it feared that the move would let out find the truth out about the training camps, the officer said.