Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ice cream for allah..

well well well.. we have now reached new depths in islamic pc behavior.. according to scotsman.com, burger king has been threatened by jihad for having an ice cream lid that looks too much like the symbol for allah.. here is the story:

Burger King recalls 'sacrilegious' desserts JOHN INNES
THE fast-food chain, Burger King, is withdrawing its ice-cream cones after the lid of the dessert offended a Muslim.
The man claimed the design resembled the Arabic inscription for Allah, and branded it sacrilegious, threatening a "jihad".

The chain is being forced to spend thousands of pounds redesigning the lid with backing from The Muslim Council of Britain. It apologised and said: "The design simply represents a spinning ice-cream cone."
The offending lid was spotted in a branch in Park Royal last week by business development manager Rashad Akhtar, 27, of High Wycombe.
He was not satisfied by the decision to withdraw the cones and has called on Muslims to boycott Burger King. He said: "This is my jihad. How can you say it is a spinning swirl? If you spin it one way to the right you are offending Muslims."
A Muslim Council spokesman said: "We commend the sensitive and prompt action that Burger King has taken."

well, i can just see it now.. waves of suicide bombers attacking burger kings around the world to defend the honor of allah (the 'all powerful' *cough* *wheeze*) because a lid to an ice cream product has something that may (or may not) look like a symbol representing this arabian moon god..

so, next time you 'spin your swirl', be sure not to do it to the right..


couldn't resist.. anyway, rita looks to be making a migration toward key west and will make landfall soon.. for the fruitcakes trying to reason with the hurricane season, this is not the typical lovely cruise to that one particular harbor, it is instead sending them in the shelter and making them incommunicado while they wait for manana to get back to livin' it up.
the weather is here, wish you were beautiful.
12 jimmy buffett songs named here. my work is done..