Thursday, December 30, 2004

a sad tsunami update..

apparently my worldwide news sources were not complete - the unfortunate guy shown in the picture listed in yesterday's post DID NOT make it to safety..,,2-2004601615,00.html

that article says they found his body half a mile inland. there seems to be some conjecture that helmut, the guy taking the photographs, should have jumped in to help the guy.. now, i'm not sure at what point compassion is to outweigh common sense, but i think it's safe to say that ol' helmut would have been death # 122,091 if he would have hopped in that torrent to try to save that kid. the whole thing is just tragic. more reasons to vacation in the mountains.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

tsunami, twoswami...

are you kidding me ? so i sign up to do a blog and it takes the better part of 9 months for me to post my second entry. i'm not sure this is what they had in mind when they truncated weBLOG to be this trendy new thing..

concerning this tsunami episode of the other day, i guess i'm glad to live in the great big state of texas where the closest thing we get to earthquakes and tsunamis are hailstorms and a random tornado.. wait. is that a better deal ?? we did afterall just survive the great blizzard of 2004... back to the wave pool, just so you know, when all the ocean water starts to head out to sea -revealing the ocean floor, that's a sure sign to haul your sunburnt tail away from the beach.. does no one watch the discovery channel ?? geesh..

check out this picture..
it doesn't appear as if this person saw that discovery episode either. fortunately, my worldwide news sources have confirmed he lived through this experience. speaking of that - that digital camera can sure deliver some high res detail.. click on 'original' at the bottom to see the full high res version. technology is cool.

What isn't cool is that collective group of whiners at the UN. I see that they have decided to call the US stingy with the amount of money we're contributing to the disaster relief. It would suit me fine if we'd stop funding that mickey mouse organization and send all of those self important, blustery beurocrats back to their third world countries so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Kofi, that means you. I hear there are some jangaweed folks that would like to convert you to islam in the nicest way possible.

speaking of islam, i see that today the islamic world has once again called for the killing of all jews.. as if that wasn't quite enough, there were some islamo-chefs who decided to carve up some imam julienne in pakistan.. all because that imam had something nice to say about peace.. they sliced and diced their way thru him and left him in the street for all to enjoy. so altruistic of them.. and we thought the culture war was between the FCC and Viacom.

back to the tsunami news, there is a cool blog with lots of good links for video - it's here: guess i'm going to have to postpone that trip to the maldives.