Friday, July 28, 2006

the coming burden of damascus ?

"See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins. The
cities of Aroer will be deserted and left to flocks, which will lie down, with
no one to make them afraid." (Isaiah 17:1-2)

i think i've gone through this once before here in blog land, but i think that with the recent events in the middle east, it's important to look at this prophesy as it relates to current events. we know that the current flare up among the muslim world and Israel is due to iran pulling strings behind the scenes. we know that iran has an apocolyptic ruler who has called for the destruction of Israel. we now also know that syria and iran have signed a defense accord and there is strong evidence that russia is now involved with syria and iran in a defense accord as well. this sets up the alliance for the gog-magog invasion of Israel and it also sets up the impending destruction of damascus (inhabited continously for over 5000 years).

DEBKAfile reports a war council in Damascus chaired by Syrian president Bashar Assad, attended by Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah and senior Iranian official Ali Larijani

Iran‘s state news agency confirmed Nasrallah’s presence in the Syrian capital “for consultations.”
DEBKAfile’s military sources note that Nasrallah crossed over despite the heavy Israeli air bombardment of Lebanese-Syrian border regions. The war conference is attended also by Hamas leaders Khaled Meshaal and Mussa Abu Marzouk as well as the Palestinian Jihad Islami chief Abdallah Ramadan Shelah. The Palestinian terrorist leaders were invited in their capacity as commanders of the second front against Israel in Gaza.

This anti-Israel coalition will no doubt decide on the two fronts’ next steps in their war against the “Zionist enemy.” The fact that Assad is there and the consultation is taking place in his capital indicates that he and the other participants feel confident enough to decide on a further escalation of the violence.

The conference began hours after the Israeli cabinet decided against broadening the campaign against Hizballah or attacking Syria indicating that Tehran, Damascus, Hizballah and the Palestinian terrorists sensed a weakening of Israel’s resolve to fight back. This sort of soft talk from Jerusalem is not taken on trust but makes the Syrians suspect that Israel is playing a double game. Their response will be to redouble their hostilities in the very near future.


add to that syria's current war footing

additionally, hizballah has threatened 'surprises' for Israel.. interestingly, many rumors have surfaced that russian special forces moved the WMD from iraq to lebanon's bekaa valley prior to the us lead invasion of iraq. this valley is under the control of syria and hizballah and if they have WMDs at their disposal and aim them at Israel, i think we would have a smoldering, ruined damascus on our hands..

it's a very interesting time to be alive and to be a student of Bible prophesy.. it's coming to life on the top stories of the news each and every day. there is not a single thing that has to happen before the church is raptured out.. thank Christ for the gift we've been given every day! and if you haven't accepted that gift, there is no better time to do it than now!

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