Thursday, January 26, 2006

Seasonal Crudites with Hamas and Baba Ganoush

"You won't believe that this sophisticated spread is also perfect for phase 1. Asparagus, bell peppers and broccoli are arranged on a platter with your choice of hamas and baba ganoush for dipping."
Original recipe yield: 2 servings.
mmmMMMmmm just makes you long for a healthy lunch, doesn't it ??

so suicide bombing and jew hatred will get you elected in the muslim world.. this should be no surprise. israel is facing a bad situation gone worse.. the now 'legitimized' hamas, who still calls for the total destruction of israel, is in charge of the PA. washington will now be in the unique position to negotiate with terrorists if they want to continue the 'road map' to peace.. but, of course, we already know that the bush doctrine does not apply to israel's terrorist neighbors.. we'll hunt them down and root them out all over the world, unless the terror is against israel. then, we'll tell them to give up land and keep taking it and taking it and taking it until our goals are complete in the middle east.. how anyone can take the bush doctrine seriously is beyond me..

but here we are - facing a world with a terrorist led PA.. a group sworn to the destruction of israel as a state - and yet, will be at the negotiating table trying to convince us otherwise (just wait and see) the world will embrace these terrorists turned politicians, just like they embraced the father of terrorism himself, yasser arafag. i mean arafat. (he didn't REALLY die of AIDS, we're told)

let's remember yasser's favorite motto: "We shall hold talks as though there is no terror and wage terror as though there are no talks. "

look for more of the same.

this does, however, possibly shake up the kadima party in israel. the israeli public may not be as anxious for 'peace' with people who outwardly call for their destruction.. so this may bring the likud party back in to power.. which would be interesting indeed. that being said, anything the israeli government wants to do has to be ok'd by washington.. and washington doesn't seem to have the appetite to do what is best for israel.

so, sit back and watch it all unfold.. remember this picture:

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..

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Monday, January 23, 2006

and iran.. iran so far away..

2006 is stinkin' busy in the working world.. i haven't had a lot of time to sit around and blog.. been running around working to and fro.. often thinking that i'm burning up the prime years of my life working hard to accomplish little for people who seem to care even less.. but i digress..

we care a lot.

speaking of caring.. it's interesting that the 3 blogs i've got this year all have to do with iran.. last year it was the tsunami taking the headlines.. this year, it's iran.. we've got some serious trouble brewing over in that part of the world and it looks like the posturing is being taken to an even higher level. israel is sabre rattling.. france is now saying they will nuke anyone who launches a terrorist attack against them. (that will be interesting since the terrorist attacks coming their way will be from within - but maybe france nuking themselves is poetic justice) the united states is saying that the time for talking has passed.. the russians and chinese are strangely quiet on the topic.. russians wanna help iran enrich uranium in russia.. the chinese want iran's energy resources for it's soon to be epic energy crisis.. europe has taken the lead on this one.. and as with anything that europe takes the lead on, it has turned in to a disaster.

while the aclu and friends decry the united states as a theocracy on the rise, they ignore a theocracy in practice in ancient persia. they ignore a man who has called for israel to be wiped off the map.. they ignore a man with such messianic visions that he has said that his government's purpose is to facilitate the arrival of the 12th prophet, or mahdi. they ignore a man who apparently is planning a nuclear weapon test before march, all the while claiming the program to be peaceful..

iran is going to be a serious problem.. and a problem for some time. messianic visions and atomic weapons don't make a good match. i anticipate israel will take unilateral action against iran sooner than later. i anticipate an attempted terrorist attack on us soil related to this.. i don't think it is just a coincidence that the timing of bin laden's message and iran's threats are similar.. i don't think the growing relationship among iran, syria and russia is accidental either..

it will be very interesting to see how this all unfolds.. as the people within the united states bicker and fight over NSA spying, judicial candidates and abramoff scandals, the rest of the world gets just a little more dangerous..

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