Friday, August 05, 2005

finally friday..

bring on the weekend !!

texas weather..

please rain at my house and turn my grass green again.. thank you

Thursday, August 04, 2005

and i will bless those...

who bless you.. and i will curse him who curses you. this verse from Genesis seems to be particularly relevant today. (and yes, i'm about to go religious on you) there has been no greater lightning rod for opinions since 1948 than the state of Israel. given a slice of malaria infested swampland splashed with barren desert, the Jews came out of the 4 corners of the world to inhabit the land originally given to them. this is the literal fulfillment of the dry bones prophesy by ezekiel and the fig tree parable by Jesus. having been scattered across the globe for 1500 years, the Jews came back to the homeland of abraham. what makes all of this even more interesting are the related scriptures discussing the implications of the regathering of Jews in their old homeland. based on this information, i'm concerned with the direction george w is taking with Israel. forcing the state to give back land in gaza and now up next to lebanon as part of this 'road map' concerns me.. we're forcing the state of Israel to give back land originally granted by God. understanding that we are the lone superpower in the world, from our perspective this may seem as a small item.. giving land away for peace.. but taken in a biblical sense, this is very troublesome water to be navigating. and logically, it's a difficult sell as well.. why are we asking the ONLY democracy in the middle east to give back land it rightfully won in multiple wars forced upon them to people who would send their sons and daughters tp blow themselves up in malls and on busses. a group of people with no history of an actual national identity (until 1967, 'palestenians' were jordanian or egyptian) and with no proven ability to control it's own people. we want to force the only democracy to accept our plan to give away their land to people with the sole purpose of killing each and every one of them. as a matter of fact, no jews would be allowed in a palestenian state by law.. yet, palestenians could come and go in Israel proper. outside of the lack of logic this contains, this also sets the united states in the awkward position of, for one of the first times, not doing what is in the best interest of Israel.. we started down that path in 1993 with the oslo accords, but now, we are driving the abandonment of God given territory to the sworn enemy of the Jewish state.. and that brings us back to Genesis 12:3.. 'and i will bless those who bless you. and i will curse those who curse you. ' the united states has been blessed more than any country in the histroy of the world.. blessed with innovation.. security.. monetary wealth beyond compare.. but as the saying goes, to whom much is given, much is expected.. i'm concerned that we're off track with relation to Israel.. and with relationship to their God given claim to that land.

Oklahoma Football - Practice Starts Today

Boomer Sooner !!

stars align..

tom hicks sucks it up, and modano stays a dallas star. can we please play hockey again..

celebrate good times..

the headline reads: Democrats celebrate narrow U.S. House loss in Ohio
i don't know about you, but there was a time in this country where political parties reserved the champagne and celebrations for winning elections.. "Every Republican in Congress should consider himself put on notice," Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel said..

you got it rahm.. you lose, we're on notice.

beware crusader alliance..

our buddy aymen al-zawahiri is back in black (turban) and threatening the crusader alliance with more death and destruction. as i look at this picture, it kinda reminds me of raffy's testimony infront of congress concerning his use of steroids - note his finger pointing.. but i digress. so al-zawahiri tells everyone that "you will not be safe until you withdraw from our land, stop stealing our oil and wealth and stop supporting the corrupt rulers." there is also the customary complaint about israel and bringing security to palestine. i'm pretty sure that means the destruction of israel in his mind... so al-zawahiri opines about more blood in london and more american casualties in iraq.. the only interesting thing about these words from him is the timing.. typically these types of messages are the forerunner of another terrorist attack of some significance. this becomes the beacon, the bat signal, so to speak, for folks to go blow things up. he threatened britain specifically.. so i guess we can sit back and see if something more sinister unfolds. although, it appears as if the greater part of europe is fed up with the radical imam population.. i see where italy, france and britain are expelling radical imams from their shores.. damn the aclu for not having a european branch.. i'm sure some civil liberties are being trampled on with this expulsion stuff.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

war.. huh.. yeah.. what is it good for ?!?

where is edwin starr anyway.. ?

100 million Christians.. in china ?

the washington times is reporting that there may be more Christians in china than members of the communist party. china is obviously a statistical anomoly since there are well over a billion people there, but still, it's encouraging to see so many people there break out of the atheist communist doctrine. this probably means there will be some major crackdown at some point.. but for the short term, it's great news to hear !!

bring on the rain !!

i'm officially sick of 100 degree days, hazy colorless skies and sweating in traffic..

hello mr. president..

dateline: august 3.. i awoke to 4 municipal police departments locking down my neighborhood and surrounding haunts.. apparently the president is in town today to talk at the good gaylord texan. we have snipers and tactical units and secret service and 4 police departments keeping watch.. i'm thinking that if you're going to speed around town, today is the day. everyone seems to be keeping the president company. i'm wondering if my boat marina is locked down too ?!?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

colorado dreaming..

some pictures from my recent trip to colorado.. i can almost feel the mountain air.. almost..
an old mine outside of creede
the view from gothic
old mine housing near silverton
lupine meadow near telluride
back country between lake city and silverton

bull elk in rocky mountain national park

slipped inn..

we're wanted men, we'll strike again, but first let's have a beer..

get the whole world in your hand...

if you haven't downloaded this yet, get it now..

r.i.p. wild bill

august 2nd - wild bill was shot in deadwood. now you know..

august 6, 1945/2005

there seems to be some conjecture that our friend osama bin laden is looking to attack the usa on 8/6, the 60th anniversary of when hiroshima was bombed by the usa.. this attack is purported to include a multiple city nuclear attack by al qaida.. well, as far as i can tell, august 6th is on a saturday this year.. which means that's typically a lake day here in texas.. one article i read indicated the cities he was looking at attacking - choosing the ones with the highest number of jews living in them.. new york, miami, washington, etc..

it will be interesting to see if this unfolds.. there was some mathmatical explanation as to why this date fit with 9/11 and the year it is in islam.. i'm not sold. but hey, if it goes down, don't say i didn't tell ya.. i'll be out on the lake keeping a very close eye on the situation.. lol

the gift that keeps giving...

jimmy.. jimmy.. please stop talking. your incompetence as president is only exceeded by the ignorance spilling from your mouth.. your irrelevance is so overwhelming that it's hard to even remember you WERE president.. but just to keep reminding us of your disasterous 4 years in office, you've joined the whole blame america first crowd.. saying gitmo is a disgrace, having never gone there... and that the us cannot hold fair elections without un observers.. (but venezuela sure can).. sitting around, yucking it up with michael moore at the dnc convention.. your published opinions should have ended with your inept presidency.. yet, here we are 30 years later having to read your nonsensical, uninformed, biased words.. always looking to drive your personal agenda since being so embarrassed by you worthless time in office.

Monday, August 01, 2005

cubano loco

raffy, raffy, raffy.. how did those steroids make it in to your picadillo criollo ??

teed off in cali..

this just in.. (it headlined the news blurb i just saw on tv..) you'll be glad to know that domestic partners now legally have the same right as married partners at country clubs in california.. in koebke v. bernardo heights country club, the california supreme court found the lamda legal group provided compelling 'oral arguments' and 'briefs'.. and the california court has decided this lesbian couple should lead the way for all lesbian couples to furiously chase balls across neatly groomed greens and fairways.. giggle.

you can sleep easy...

hillary driving a garbage truck.. neat

in fahd we trust..

well.. not that he's done much for some while, but this whole king fahd dying thing is really going to put a crunch on my gas budget.. i'm looking and it says oil is up to $62/barrell. now, i don't know about you, but this suv driving texan has had just about enough of $500+ per month gas bills.. i'm about to trade in the good ol xterra and downsize.. exacerbating this oil spike, we have our friends the iranians who are taking off all of the seals from their nuclear equipment.. basically rendering worthless the debating group of 3 in the eu.. iran now wants a non-agression pact. but, again, we have to wonder what a country with such proven energy reserves needs nuclear power for. especially when considered in the context knowing that one of the mullah's went on pontificating that it would only take 2 nuclear weapons to rid themselves of that pesky little democratic state full of jews, israel. it's funny (read:sad) to me that when someone like that says something like that, it's dismissed.. when a chinese general pontificates that they may just strike the us first with nuclear weapons, it's dismissed as silly.. yet when anyone in this administration says something that might just possibly be taken out of context, we have to apologize to the world. dear terrorists, we're sorry for calling you terrorists. please accept that we also mentioned islam when describing the terrorists. we understand that the odds of terrorist attacks are just like a coin flip.. they reset each and every time one occurs and there are no lessons we can learn from these coin flips of fate..
speaking of fate, if ever there was someone the un didn't want to have in their midst, it's this guy john bolton.. if it wasn't enough to threaten his brothers music on the endless debating society, i'm reasonably certain that the oil for food guys aren't going to appreciate the accountability he places on that body. when i pull out my crystal ball, i can see this being the beginning of the end of the US involvement in the un. once the corruption is shown to be at the highest levels of the useless global body, we'll see the US funding dry up and the group start to wither away.. which will be a blessing to the less fortunate of the world.. under kofi's leadership, we've have mulitple genocide occurances, we've tried to feed the poor iraqi's by cutting side deals with saddam to rebuild his military and we've seen international terrorism reach new heights. oh yeah, we've also seen 3rd world countries with countless human rights abuses lead up the commission on human rights. good move.. they can certainly spot human rights when they see em.. and quickly snuff em out.. weeeeeeee. lets kill lots of people, blame the US for not enuff aid and then go work on the un human rights commission.. nothing at all wrong with the un.

i am coming to get you..

i wanted to send you the face of political correctness - i think i saw him championing gay marriage, the removal of the 10 commandments and chairing up the local ACLU meeting.. that and i enjoy spamming my friends with this picture via camera phone.
i think i'm gonna take him on the subway with me next time..

helen thomas shocker..

i think the most shocking news story of last week had to be that helen thomas has indicated she would kill herself if dick cheney were to run for president... now for those of you who don't know the lovely, fair and beautiful ms thomas (see picture), she is a mainstay at white house press conferences.. the matriarch of the lefty hate press.. republican basher supreme.

what makes this all so very shocking is remebering that she's alive to begin with.. if at first glance you didn't note the embalming fluid coarsing through her veins.. surely when the voice of satan rings out, you know, she is undead..
but, i guess not. so dick.. i'm gonna head up your campaign.. i think we need signs with helen's mug on them to stick on every street corner.. and i think there's probably a catchy campaign slogan hidden in there too.. i'm just afraid that it's another empty promise from the soul-less lefties.. all talk, they are.