Tuesday, March 22, 2005

the value of life in america..

ok, so it's been a while since i went blogging.. but all of this partial birth abortion, feeding tube, death penalty nonsense has finally brought me to a steady boil.

so, let me get this right.. in the united states we value the life of a convicted felon more than we do of an innocent woman who suffered brain damage. one half of the country would have you believe that the death penalty is a crime against humanity.. that making enemy combatants wear underwear on their head is punishable by impeachment of the president.. yet allowing an innocent brain damaged woman to die by starvation and/or dehydration is just a-ok. it's also a-ok to have an abortion in the third trimester (partial birth) in order to discard an unwanted pregnancy. so the rights of the innocent are insignificant, yet the rights of the condemned or convicted are inalienable. i find it just short of amazing that scott peterson will be kept alive for 20+ years during appeal after appeal to make sure that his life is worth taking, yet a woman who cannot speak for herself is having a decision made that will take her life in one of the most horrific manners possible - starvation and dehydration.

so, now the ethical question arises, if her father feels that this manner of death is inhumane and because of court order he can no longer FEED his daughter or GIVE HER WATER.. then if he were to, lets say, shoot her, to keep her from dying a slow miserable death - would he be charged with murder ?? what a strange world we now live in where the court can order a person to die and also charge someone for killing her.

frankly the judiciary in this country has completely lost it's sense of balance and perspective. they are making constitutional law as if the meaning of the constitution is legislated by public opinion.. or even WORSE - WORLD OPINION. the recent ruling banning the execution of minors in the united states was made from what constitutional principle ? none. if you read the majority decision it clearly states the rationale was to bring us in line with the rest of the world. frankly, being in line with the rest of the world is not what i hope for from the greatest country on the planet.. we are great because we have led by guiding principles and vision. when we decide that we want to adhere to what the rest of the world wants, we've lost.. unfortunately, we're being guided by activist judges.. and a now activist supreme court. i don't think that there is any question why the left side of the political sphere is fighting so vehemently to prevent George Bush's judicial nominations from getting a vote.. (don't forget, they're not voting them down, they are PREVENTING any vote at all) let's hear it for democracy in the democratic party..