Thursday, January 20, 2005

a total iraqi failure..

i was reading the headlines a moment ago and it sure sounds like this whole iraqi voting thing is going to be a waste of time.. no one over there wants elections, no one feels safe.. there are too many factions that can't get along for this to work.. too many bombings and shootings and trips to paradise for would be allahphytes.. then i ran across this nugget..

now, i don't know about you, but his sure doesn't sound like the iraq i hear and read about every day.. i decided to go back and check the cnnmsnbcabcnewscbsnews.coms of the world and i didn't even find a mention of it. so i went to the newyorktimeslatimeswashingtonpost.coms of the world and found nary a mention of it there either..

to me, this is wonderful progress. i would presume this is newsworthy for americans.. we are afterall funding the rebuilding of iraq and this whole democratic situation.. this sure looks like a positive step forward to me.. why in the world would we not want to report on it..


it seems to go along with the assessment that LTC Tim Ryan had of the iraq situation.. he's in iraq.. his thoughts are here: LTC Thoughts

who's pulling for who in this darn thing.. seems like we have a bunch of americans who say that in the best interest of americans we want to see more americans dead.. that just doesn't make sense.. of course, all of the blue state bluster doesn't make sense either.. and alas we have our answer.

and in other presidential news..

it's starting to look like the georgia blowhard, jimmy carter, has ties to the un oil for food scandal.. now how this fine upstanding pillar of the democratic party (who shared his seat at the dnc convention with michael moore) could get tied up in such a thing is simply astounding. ** link:

we certainly would not be led to believe that all of his anti george bush vitriol and all of his iraq war grandstanding might be linked to the fact that he had been working to keep saddam in power all along.. very interesting, jimmy. somehow or another jimmy found time for this in between observing that the us elections are rigged and the ones he monitors in 3rd world countries are certified. jimmy, be quiet. go softly into the night..

the worst president in the history of my lifetime keeps sliding down his own slippery slope..

God Bless America

say what you want about george w bush, but i'm glad he's the guy in the oval office. he possesses something that most politicians don't.. balls. it's good to see someone leading our country that isn't so concerned about what other people think that he is paralyzed and can't take action.. in the sea of PC nonsense, we have someone who, for the most part, will call a spade a spade.

so, on happy inauguration day to everyone !! and God bless America !!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

a boxer & a kennedy

these two jokers.. aww shucks..
this duo of barb and teddy are certainly 'blue bloods' from their respective 'blue states'
how anyone in either ma or ca vote for these kids is beyond me.. i mean, to hear teddy talk about the president 'drowning out' people during his speech on TV back on 1/14.. amazing. not that teddy isn't an expert on drowning out.. but come on. and don't his speech writers remember how teddy drowns out people ?? maybe the president should take his advice.. and this boxer cat.. are you kidding me ?? how she's even allowed to talk in public confounds me.. even more confounding is why anyone would listen. her nonsense of grandstanding on the count of electoral votes because of ohio irregularities combined with her berating of condi rice today.. disgraceful. condi has done more for this country than boxer will ever hope to do.. her hypocrisy is sickening. as if kennedy talking about other people doing the drowning wasn't bad enough.. but, i guess when you have no pride, being a disgrace is not such a big deal. further evidence that ca & ma are not high on my places to live.. (as if any more was needed)

today, i saw john kerry talking about how his election was stolen and how black voters in ohio were made to stand in line 11 hours to vote.. john kerry, please go back to windsurfing and spending the money your wife got from her dead republican husband after he was killed.. man, there is nothing like marrying a billionaire, having him die off just so you can go marry a senator on the other side of the aisle.. good plan for that 'continental african.' john, you lost. have some self pride.. go gently into the night. i can only hope that he doesn't grow a beard and pound on podiums like our little buddy al gore did. (and hopefully there are no more pictures taken of him either trying to throw or catch a football)

go deep, john.. keep going..